Where are the best places to kite surf and windsurf around Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast? What  wind direction and tides do these spots work?

Golden Beach:
The most southern kite spot on the Sunshine Coast, Golden Beach has the most outstanding conditions for teaching due to the large shallow areas and easy accessible sandbars. Before heading down for a session here are some tips you will want to know!

Wind: This spot works on either a North-East or South-East wind depending on which way the tide is running. (NE = Works when tide running out) (SE = Works when tide coming in)

Tide: At low tide the sand bars will be exposed making it extremely smooth and easy to learn. During high tide it will be knee to waist deep.

Current: The current isn’t too bad at Golden Beach but make sure to always keep an eye on your board to avoid losing it if you aren’t very experienced.

Launch and Landing area: Now this is the only bad part about Golden Beach. Down where the kitesurfing spot is there is no sand to set up on (Unless its low tide and the sandbars are exposed) so you are forced to set up on the cadet oval that’s alongside the water. PLEASE DO NOT self launch or land if there are other people around!



Happy Valley:
This spot has it all! From Flat Water to Waves to even a beautiful lagoon off the tip of Bribe Island, Happy Valley is everyone’s favourite when it’s working right. Before heading down for an epic session here are some tips you will want to know!

Wind: South and South-Easterly wind will only work with this spot due to the headland blocking Northerly winds.

Tide: Happy Valley current runs straight out of the river mouth making it only possible to ride when the tide is running out. If the wind in strong enough you can kite with an incoming tide but the water will be very choppy and unpleasant. Golden Beach would be the better option in these conditions.

Current: The current runs extremely hard and fast out of the river mouth making it easy to lose your board so make sure you hold onto it as best you can.

Launch and Landing area: There are 2 spots you set up when kiting at Happy Valley. The most common and easy spot is down on the sand next to the park with a big area of sand and plenty of people to help you launch. The other spot is over at the lifeguard building, this spot can be quite busy and doesn’t have much room to set up so it is only used by advanced/freestyle riders that only want to ride the flat and use the outgoing tide for pop. Both spots aren’t far from the car parks so setting up is easy!

Please remember to give way to all other beach and water users.



Open Beaches:
Between Point Cartwright and Dicky Beach there is approximately 10km of beautiful beach. This stretch of beach is awesome for downwinders or even just holding ground. Before heading down for a session here are some tips you will want to know!

Wind: South-East or North-East is the wind you will need to kite on the open beaches although too much east will end up pushing you onshore.

Tides: Low and high tide are the same as any normal beach. Low tide is obviously better because a lot more beach will be exposed making it easier to launch and land.

Launch and Landing area: On this strip of beach pretty much anywhere on the beach is safe to launch and land. The only thing you need to look out for is the red and yellow life guard flags due to that area being for swimmers only. Please remember to give way to all other water users.