2021 North Cross Surfboard



Freeride Surf
Blur the line
NEW quad concave bottom shape
Absorbs chop for a smoother ride.
NEW Compact Surf Outline
With trimmed nose shape to reduce length and weight for easy travel. NEW reduced nose and tail width adds control at the top end and creates a better wave-fit for easier, sharper turns
NEW Increased tail curve and smooth progressive rocker
Gives instant speed and drive off the back foot for optimal upwind performance.
Futurelite technology
Carbon and Innegra Futurelite wireframe forms a structural skeleton to support the laminates, maximising strength without losing flex, and allowing the board to load and release power on demand for more drive and responsiveness.
NEW VectorNET impact-resistant grabbable rails
New VectorNET carbon fibre diamond weave adds rail impact resistance while maintaining flex. Grabbable rail profiles on the top deck enable easy handling in the air and on the beach.
FCSII premium fin box
New lighter weight premium fin box allows for 9-degree rake. Compatible with both FCSI and click-in keyless FCSII fins for more speed & drive, quicker acceleration, and more response from your board. High-density foam reinforcements surrounding the FCSII fin box are shaped to match the curved template of the finbox for a clean bond and smoother load transfer into the board. Fin boxes, leash plug and foot strap inserts are structurally integrated, locking into the laminate with the Futurelite carbon innegra system to give extra reinforcement and flex-tuning.
DualShock EVA inserts

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