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Premium Progression Windsurf Package with Severne, Neilpryde or Duotone Rig

SHQ Boardsports

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This is a great value windsurf package to suit a complete beginner to intermediate rider. Perfect for someone looking to get plaining in the footstraps and harness for the first time.

This package includes:

  • Any Beginner Board or ES Freeride Board* ($2,399 RRP)
  • 2020 Severne Gator, 2020 Neilpryde RYDE or 2020 Duotone Super Session Sail ($1200 RRP)
  • Severne Gorilla RDM, Neilpryde SPX65 SDM or Duotone Silver RDM Mast ($750 RRP)
  • Neilpryde XA ($360RRP)
  • NP MXT Alloy extension ($265RRP)
  • NP MXT base ($125)
  • Uphaul Rope ($20 RRP)

Save over $920 of the RRP!!!!!

We can tailor the package to include different boards, extra sails and other item not specified here, however it's probably best if you give us a call to organise this.

*Additional cost for Goya surf or Fanatic Gecko HRS

Free shipping is not valid on this item. Due to the size of this item we will only cover 50% of the freight charge. If you purchase through the website we will contact you once the the freight charge has been calculated. 

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