Sunova Darth Kiteboard


The cut off shape has become more and more popular in the surfing industry and works especially well forkitesurfing. They not only have an aggressive riding style in small to medium waves, they edge upwind with theefficiency of a twin tip. The cut off shaped surfboards lift up out of the water as they plane similar as they featurea bottom shape that behaves more like a modern planning hull than a displacement hull found on a traditionalsurfboard


The Darth features a wide diamond nose, more parallel outline than a traditional surfboard into a wide diamond tail. The outline createsa healthy amount of area for the length of the board, with more than adequate nose area, the board climbs up on the plane effortlesslyoffering a good light wind performance.


The Rails of the Darth are low, dropping the apex closer to the bottom, allowing the rail to bury into a turn easier. The bottom edge upfront is quite tucked , a softer tuck without much edge, this tuck carries closer all the way to the tail not going fully 90 degree till the tailfin. This gives you a little more warning before it pops into a drift , offering hold and control to a board that would otherwise be a littleslippery


The Darth has a medium to slightly flatter rocker than a traditional board due to its diamond nose. With this rocker , the board carries intowaves really well, keeps its speed over dead sections and catches waves really easy , good carry in cutbacks on softer sections and easy tocrack into a tail drift.


One problem with really wide tails and boards is that it’s harder to get them on the rail and they often feel slippery when transitioningfrom rail to rail. This is where you can go into an uncontrollable drift when turning under the lip at speed. One rail is engaged then there isa brief moment where the board is flat before you can get the other rail in. By adding a concave through the bottom shape of the board,you have one rail engaged, then as you transition onto the other rail, it bights and grabs with a more positive feeling.


For top to bottom surfing the thruster will be the better option. As thewaves get a little steeper and faster down the line, switch out to the quadto hold a higher more direct line. Or if the waves are flatter and more openwith little chance of top to bottom surfing, the quad is also an optio

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