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The perfect package to get you into wing surf foiling. Get out there!!

Base Package includes:

  • Cabrinha Macro ($1795RRP)
  • Starboard Freewing V2 5m ($1290RRP)
  • Cabrinha Hi:Rise Varial or Carve, L or M Front Wing ($1595RRP) 
  • Cabrinha Pump STD ($69.95RRP)
  • Balin Waist Coil Leash ($79.95RRP)

Save over $960!!!

The package can be tailored to suit your needs. Give us a call for more info. 

Package Upgrades

Base package price $3850

Board Upgrades ADD
Axis Froth $200
JP X Winger IPR $0
Sunova Wing $200
JP X Winger Pro $700
Armstrong $1,100
Wing Upgrades ADD
Cabrinha V2 $0
North Nova $0
Slingshot Slingwing V2 $0
Smaller sized wings -$100
Foil Set Upgrades ADD
2020 Neilpryde Glide L $250
Konrad FLYR $200
2021 Neilpryde Glide HP Foil set + Plate Adaptor $499
Axis Set $699
Cabrinha Fusion Alloy 1600 $899
Cabrinha Fusion Alloy 1950 $999
Armstrong HS1550 set $1,390
Armstrong HS1850 A+ set $1,950


 Please just leave a comment when you place the order to let us know which upgrades you would like to make and we'll come back to you with the price adjustment. 



Sizes: 4'8" x 23" x 3.9" x 58L / 5'0" x 25" x 4.4" x 78L / 5'4" x 27" x 4.9" x 98L

The Macro is the foil board that has risen to meet the moment.
The Macro is an incredibly compact shape which combines the perfect ratio of length, width, and volume to deliver a performance foil board that is dedicated to the sport of wing foiling.

What makes the Macro so incredible for wing foiling is its quick to fly platform. We’ve optimized the volume distribution to put the float exactly where it's needed to quickly fly while creating a balanced and nimble board once you are up on the foil. The short but wide platform makes it easy to take off in the standing or kneeling position

The Macro has a subtle concave deck to cradle your feet with or without straps and the tail has a release point which aids in pumping the board whether you are on or off the water.

It has a double concave section in the nose to assist with easy take off and to aid in the recovery during touch downs.

Once flying, the Macro is light, nimble and maneuverable. Ready to respond to your every command.



Sizes: 3m / 4m / 5m / 6m / 7m

As the sport of Wingsurfing is literally taking off, its range of use is getting exponentially wider. The all new Crosswing X2 follows the sports leap in performance to provide cutting edge features not seen in other wings.

The Crosswing X2 has an all new body outline and inflatable frame which makes it incredibly stiff and rigid. The wing holds its shape while under heavy loads or while boosting massive airs.

The control factor has been upped in many important ways. First off, we’ve fully separated the air boom inflation from the leading edge inflated section. This allows us to properly pressure each section individually to achieve the X2’s incredible stiffness while in flight. We’ve then taken that concept one step further with our unique Double Strut™ technology.

The Double Strut™ of the X2 allows one inflated mini strut to support the canopy profile while the second “boom” strut is designed for precise ergonomics and predictable wing control. Each strut serves its own function and purpose without compromise.

In a nod to Wingsurfing’s incredible portability we have designed a hybrid handle system which draws on the best features of a rigid boom and the portability of a webbing handle. The result is a wider handle allowing the rider to micro trim their hand positions while riding to find the perfect center of effort. The rigid handles provide more direct rider input to the wing which in turn delivers an immediate result in wing control. As a bonus, the wing can still be folded and placed into a small sized pack for easy portability.

The X2’s increase in performance is seen across the Wingsurfing spectrum. From quick starts to high speed runs. From tight surfing to huge airs, the Crosswing X2 is ready to perform wherever your imagination takes you.



Leading edge inflatable dihedral with forward outline and "ultra rigid double strut"



    • NEW ultra rigid double strut for aerofoil support and improved response
    • NEW wide span handle layout for micro adjustment/trim
    • NEW harness line attachment point
    • NEW increased LE diameter for improved stiffness & canopy tension
    • NEW improved low end
    • NEW hybrid dihedral for increased stiffness and roll stability
    • Nano ripstop
    • High tenacity dacron LE
    • Sprint inflate valve
    • Extremely safe operation
    • Safety wrist leash included
    • Kevlar wing tip reinforcement

 Hi:Rise Varial Foil


Small, Medium, Large Small: 65cm or 85cm Medium / Large Mast: 65cm Compatible Boards: AutoPilot, X:Breed Foil, Double Agent


Low aspect ratio, Low planing profile section, Moderately swept outline, Progressive anhedral RIDER PROFILE For any rider looking for a diverse wing set, which can take you from your first steps, to next level freeride and waves. The all-new wings are the most progressive wing sets we’ve ever made. These lean foils are universally adaptable to surfing, wake surfing, kitesurfing, and SUP. The possibilities are infinite, the performance is ultimate.  The Varial’s moderate aspect ratio outline and winglets combine with a faster leaner profile for an efficient blend of lift and drive. Each pump of the wing generates incredible forward momentum. Throw the board into a banking turn and the wing will redirect like it’s connected to rails. The winglets provide an added level of stability to the wing and reduce induced drag thereby increasing aerodynamic efficiency, especially when riding through turbulent waters. The rear wing can be adjusted forward or aft to increase the ability to ‘carve’ or facilitate a more ‘locked-in’ ride. These light weight wings are constructed with a Pauwlonia wood core and durable Basalt fibers. The wingset mounts to our all new 75cm (29.5 inch) wide nosed fuselage. The wider nose of the fuselage facilitates a significantly more stable connection to the wing. The wing set and fuselage are compatible with the Cabrinha foil eco system. Choose the mast length that suits your style and performance needs


• NEW 750mm extended Widenose Fuselage with improved stabilty and hydrodynamics

• NEW Adjustable rear wing positioning for increased ability to ‘carve’ or facilitate a more ‘locked-in’ ride

• NEW A-Grade Paulownia wood core with unmatched strength / weight ratio

• NEW Front wing - Volcanic triple layer Basalt fiber construction

• NEW Rear wing - Forged composite construction

• NEW ABS insert reinforcements

• Aircraft grade extruded, anodized 6061-T6 aluminium components

• Hollow core mast extrusion for improved floatation and minimal weight

• Lightweight top socket with indicator for use on industry standard track mounting system or 4 point connection

• Titanium coated hardware and grease included

Product Code: K0FOHRVRA




The FreeWing AIR V2 is now more stable & stiffer, offering more reactivity, acceleration & speed.


The FreeWing AIR is designed for wing foil beginners to down-the-line wing surfers. The deep narrow and forward window position is designed for you to see clearly where you are heading and now with the new aft windows on the bigger sizes ensures your safety while having a great time on the water. The center strut is extra wide where it meets the leading edge strut, making that connection rigid for more power and stability. Yes, you can now ride faster with more control

For Wing Surfing – the wingtips are angled inward, avoiding the wing from touching the water’s surface when starting and surfing.

For Wing Foiling – the outline profile of the FreeWing AIR allows it to feel compact in your hands so, it’s easy to spin around and you can easily progress and learn new moves.

For Long Distance Wing Foiling – The FreeWing AIR is very easy to de-power and together with the harness line attachment points, less pressure is put on your arms and you can ride for longer.


With the size range from 2m – 8m, you can enjoy winging any day in all conditions from 7 knots to 50+ knots.


The FreeWing AIR received the best getting started wing award from SUPboarder Magazine.

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