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Sunshine Coast Boardsports stocks a range of windsurfing packages from NeilPryde, JP-Australia and Goya Windsurfing.

We offer shipping on our windsurfing packages Australia wide: Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane | Gold Coast | Perth | Adelaide | Tasmania & everywhere else!

windsurf package

Save on windsurfing gear with a complete package set up.

Our windsurfing packages are designed for beginner windsurfers, intermediate and progressing riders or also for those wanting to get into windsurf foiling for the first time.

Which windsurfing package is right for you?

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Beginner Windsurf Packages

beginner windsurfing package

Sunshine Coast has started the windsurfing careers of countless riders with our beginner windsurf packages. Each setup comes with everything you need to get out on the water:

  • Windsurf Board
  • Windsurf Sail
  • Windsurf Mast
Who should choose this package?

Anyone who wants to get into windsurfing with quality equipment to help make the learning curve easier, and who wants gear that will hold a strong resale value.

Shop our beginner windsurfing packages.

Windsurf Progression Packages

jp windsurfing package

Sunshine Coast offers a Progression Windsurf Package and a Premium Progression Windsurf Package to help you take things to the next level.

Who should choose this package?

If you have already mastered the basic of windsurfing and want to buy gear that can help support your progress then this is a great option for you.

Shop our windsurfing progression packages.

Progression Windsurf Package | Premium Progression Windsurf Package

Freeride Windsurf Packages

goya windsurfing package

Our freeride windsurf packages are designed for intermediate riders who may be wanting to upgrade from second hand gear to progression friendly, modern equipment.

Who should choose this package?

These are great options for intermediate to advanced riders who want to make the most of classic Melbourne conditions in Port Phillip Bay. These boards handle chop with ease and the sails offer a good wind range and stable performance.

Shop our freeride windsurfing packages.

NeilPryde Freeride Package | Goya Freeride Package

Windsurf Foiling Package

windsurf foiling package

Foils have opened up new sensations in windsurfing and a complete foil package is the best way to get into this new part of our sport.

Who should choose this package?

Anyone who wants to get serious about foiling to enjoy those lighter wind days.

Shop windsurfing foil packages.